Day 50 – Bogota to Medellin

Great roads today – tons and tons of winding mountain roads – made for a long day though – from around 11am to 7pm riding pretty much non-stop.
This morning we were on a quest to find tires for Marc’s bike since the planned ones in Medellin did not arrive. We tried to call and locate the BMW dealer in Bogota with no success so we went for it and were going to try our luck in Medellin.
On the way out of town we pass in FRONT of BMW dealer AND they had tires for his bike!! We bought them immediately, strapped them on to Marc’s bike and headed out of town through some serious traffic.

From Motorcycle NY to SP

The “highway” just outside of Bogota was quite small to the point where we thought we were on the wrong route – but as a local motorcyclist said – follow the trucks, which the call “mulas” or donkeys – and you’ll get to Medellin.
Then we started hitting the mountains! Very very cool roads. TONS of trucks but it’s actually fun to overtake them. We went through 3 passes, i.e., up and down mountain roads. Very cool… I was “in the zone” with the the bike and all the turns 🙂
There were quite a few mud slides along the way and one accident which along they way which we overtook by going along the side of the road around a police car… in the process Marc’s front tire slid into a groove and his bike got stuck… then all of the sudden we were
surrounded by people who all lifted the bike up and got it out of the groove! It was great! Thanks guys! Or should I thank little Jose, big Jose, and Jose’s son, like Marc did in an earlier post.
We got to Medellin a little later than we had hoped (dark) but it all looked kosher – it ALL looks very safe here actually – there are tons of military personnel on the road – makes you feel very safe – plus everyone tells us that the situation is very much under control here
in Colombia.
Medellin looks great – my first impression is that it’s much better than Bogota – let’s see what the nightlife has to offer.
By the way, we went to Harry’s Bar last night – one of the places that were recommended the most to us – and it definitely was worth it.
Reminded us of Sao Paulo actually – very nice food and ambience.

By the way number 2 – lost my sunglasses and my good set of earphones broke – again. Have an extra pair of sunglasses and of earphones… but really liked the ones I had 🙁 I’m pretty sure I lost them when we got into Bogota – I had them hanging from my shirt and then went into the cab and put the seatbelt on – that must’ve knocked it out of place…

From Motorcycle NY to SP

7 Replies to “Day 50 – Bogota to Medellin”

  1. Glad to see you back on the road! (I bet you are too.) Just curious – were there any boats, ships or ferries you could have taken to get past the Darian Gap?
    Oh, I really liked the video with Kat. That was interesting.
    Happy Trails…
    ~ Paz

  2. Yes – you can take a boat but it would take even longer and some say it’s a little riskier because of piracy (which was not really our concern).
    Apparently there used to be a ferry that ran every day between Cartagena and Colon but they stopped it for some reason (drugs?)

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