Day 62 – Nazca to Abancay

Wow – for me it was a majestic day of riding! Finally the scenery changed into something more dramatic and interesting.
At the start of the day we ran into Jessie, a New Yorker riding a KLR who told us that Peru has been great so far for him – that’s because he did the mountain route, where we did the coastal/desert route.
There were a couple of points where the road was being repaved and the traffic was being held up. For some odd reason Marc asked how long it would take to let us through – odd because it was the first time that it has occurred to us to ever ask –
it usually is pretty fast. This time we were informed that it would take about 2 to 3 HOURS!! After some whining we convinced them to let us through! Uff!!
Up and down mountains, through valleys, amazing turns, lots of llamas and very little traffic.

Funnily enough I was noticing smells today – pleasant smells – the rain water vaporizing up from the asphalt, apple being baked in some hut, flowers, freshly cut grass, and some other smells I’d never encountered before… 
We didn’t make it all the way to Cuzco but got pretty close to a town called Abancay where we had some very good pizza while sharing travel stories with Jessie – very cool guy 🙂

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6 Replies to “Day 62 – Nazca to Abancay”

  1. it seems you are back to your spirits and sense of humor.v. good
    Enjoy and take care. Bjocas mil, Norita

  2. i am back… missed following you and it took me 2 hours to get all caught up on the trip. as for the videos, they are long and introspective, just like this trip is and your videos convey that. so in my mind they are a true depiction of the journey and the closest thing to being there. i love them and would not change a thing, but then again, i wish i was there with you two, and the long videos are the closest thing to that.

    i checked out the photos, some nice ones. esp the one of marks back and the 2 bikes. hope your well.

  3. Ual, good mood again, q bom!
    Love these encounters with these adventurers lonely riders…
    Where is Jesse heading to?
    Ual, i couldnt imagine how heavy is the byke (marcs when it slided to the floor), well, its loaded, i understand, but…even though…
    Counting the seconds to arrive in Cusco and then
    Machu Pichu .
    Dont be in a hurry this time, it will be the peak of the trip to see these beautiful and so interesting ancient inca ruins (before they disappear).
    Probably will meet more “easy riders”and interesting people.
    love you , suzana

  4. you wrote -Funnily enough I was noticing smells today -why funnily?
    Is Jessie on the same trip?
    how heavy these bikes are!
    the lhamas’s ribbons are probably property sign, right?

  5. Funnily enough – just an expression 🙂
    Jessie is doing a similar trip – going to Ushuaya then back up to Buenos Aires and flying back to the US. Llama’s ribbons – mixture of property sign with little girl’s decorations 🙂

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