Day 65 – Cuzco to Puno

Calm day riding… easy road… no traffic… soothing scenery… frequent gas stations… all good.
Puno is on Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world at 4000 meters (12,000 feet)!
Puno itself is not very pretty – the lake is quite nice but we didn’t get to explore much because as we were driving to the hotel the guide book recommended my RPM gauge and speed indicators went to zero and the bike lost power and died.
Tried to start it again and nothing…
We push/bump started it and it fired back up but shortly after it lost power – no gas was being sent to the engine.
Marc went to look for a mechanic while I took it apart to see if I found any loose connection hoping to find something obvious and praying that it was not the electronic fuel injection system itself.
When Marc came back the bike was completely “naked” and I had found nothing… and the mechanic found nothing either… well… it was the first time he saw so much electronics on a bike.
I then went with a cab to this other guy who they recommended – he knew how to deal with these “electronic” cars and all… he was not there.
So we left the bike in a gas station and came to the hotel.
I called some dealers in the US who gave me some more suggestions like checking the battery connectors themselves (duh!!) which is what I am going to do right now… 9pm… got to get this bike working again… the closest dealers are in Lima, Santa Cruz (Bolivia), and Santiago
(Chile) – all about 4 days driving away… yikes!!
Will update soon…
So… went to the bike and the connectors to the battery were fine but found another set of wires that were broken.
The mud and dust that has accumulated on the wires dried some of them out and broke them. 
The good news is that it is electrical – the bad news is that I was not able to fix it – will have to get an electrician tomorrow… let’s see.

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