Day 71 – San Pedro de Atacama

Short post today – slept in till a bit later than usual had some breakfast and then came back into the room to rest a little more.
Around 11 we took off on the bikes to explore the region. On the way we missed an exit and ended up on another route that turned out to be OK. Went to see these two lakes up in the mountains. Not bad but I think we got spoiled by the Valle de la Luna yesterday evening – that
was just spectacular – these lakes were very pretty but nothing too impressive.
On the way back we headed into the desert to see the Lago Sejas – a lake with high concentration of salt where you float a lot – dirt roads and lots of sand – pity that the video battery died – I was doing a little off road, throwing some sand up in the air while Marc
was filming.
The lake itself was pretty cool as well… I didn’t swim in it just because I forgot my swimming suit and it would be annoying to put all my gear back on with salt all over my body 🙂
Back at the hotel we ran into Steve, the American we met yesterday on the road on a KLR. He was going to the Valle de la Luna – we decided to stay in and rest some more… we’re going to meet later on tonight for dinner or drinks.

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