Day 8

Got a signal in the park! Last night I was not able to check my emails
but this morning the cell phone connection went through.

At the Old Faithfull Inn – a very large and interesting log building
with 300 rooms next to the famous geyser.

Going to walk around a litlle this morning and then head south to Salt
Lake City. It is freezing – and supposed to get worse so really glad
to be heading south now.

In 3 or 4 days I will reach LA and meet up with Marc, give the bike a
major tune up, new tires and head down towards Brazil 🙂

By the way – was at the bar last night and started talking to a guy
who is cycling from Seattle to Indiana! He's been on the road for 2
weeks already! Then I told him I was going to go to Brazil… Turns
out he was raised in Brazil!!! Manaus more precisely!!! His parents
are missionaries and lived there for a while.

What a coincidence!!!

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  1. the signal was from heaven or from the internet?
    tires changing already?
    beautiful hotel!
    bjs p

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