Digital Imaging Reset – Black and White

This week we talked about Black and White digital photography. Basically if you shoot black in white you get a photograph with higher resolution. 

Color pictures are obtained by allocating a color to each pixel of the sensor chip according to the Bayer Pattern, resulting in 1/2 green, 1/4 red, and 1/4 blue pixels. 
The chip is therefore giving you that amount of information for each color.
When shooting black and white, ALL the pixels are allocated to grayscale – from black to white. 
This results in sharper pictures with more detail. 
I got my favorite pictures and converted them to black and white to see what changed. 
What I found was that the pictures I liked the most in color were not the best ones in black and white. 
I suddenly had a different set of “absolute” favorite pictures. 
Here are the ones I thought worked best in black and white: