Engineering Education – Week 3 – Group Meeting

Met with James and Camila about this class’ final project – which will be my Master’s project. Discussed what were the interventions I imagined we could do with the instructors and we all seemed to agree with what could be done.


While we were in the meeting, we were ‘visited’ by a photographer who wanted to take some pictures of the classroom we were in.

Later on I received an email from her 🙂


 Yesterday I wandered into a classroom and took a couple of pictures of you talking about course design.  I work at Stanford in the VPGE office, and I also (on the side) write a blog about graduate education. I am working on a post related to a newly released study about the value of teaching development activities for grad students ( My blog is here: 

I wanted to know whether it was ok to use one of these photos. Your face isn’t shown.  I may also want to use them later, but only if it is ok with you.


Chris M. Golde
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