After having sold EVERYTHING I owned in Brazil – car, motorcycle, camera, video, dvd player, home theater, windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment, bikes, stereo and so on – I have purchased some new toys 😉

Felt good and at the same time funny to look at my 2 travel bags, some cases of books and clothes, and realize that it was all I owned… great feeling… start fresh.

Did some research and got the following:

1 – MacBook Pro 15″

I switched!! Did the switch from PC to Mac and must say that I am absolutely LOVING it! Have to admit that one of the reasons I actually switched is precisely because you can install Windows XP on it!

BUT when I started using it I realized that I might do it just to test it and might never really use it. During an interview, Apples PR guy said that he was not worried about people buying their hardware and using Microsoft’s software since once a PC user tried Mac OS X they would not go back to Windows XP… thought it was a fantastic and bold (and probably well thought of) comment.

Mac OS X is amazing – just like the ADDS say – it is ready straight out of the box – configuration is simple and you cannot go wrong. All the tools you need are there, even if you are an advanced user you will find that the simplified tools are great for the basics.

Thought about getting the 17″ one but the performance is the same and it simply is a little too big to lug around.

2 – Helio mobile phone

Decided to steer away from the traditional mobile operators and go with the new 3G MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) owned by Earthlink’s founder and a Korean investor I believe.

Only 2 but very cool phone options… all you can eat data services which I loved… free videos… the phone I got has great features – amazing screen – 2 megapixel photo camera with “flash” and digital zoom – vga video – mp3 player – voice recorder

Did not like that it is still not compatible with the Mac and some of the features like shortcuts are not all customizable… also did not find a way to store bookmarks while surfing for sites…

3 – Specialized Tarmac Expert

Was going for the Cannondale CAAAD 8 but after the guys at the shop told me to try the this one I fell in love with it… don’t know if it was the full carbon frame or the modern geometry but it just felt right… loved it…

To go with it got top of the line Specalized shoes (carbon), Time pedals, Bell helmet, Polar heart rate monitor with wireless speed and cadence transmitters, and Specialized goggles that adapt to the lighting conditions.

Still want to buy the Canon EOS 30D and the Apple Cinema Display 30″ but waiting to move into my official apt to get that.

Well… now will also have to spend some money furnishing my apartment… but that is from a different budget… mentally 😉