Inclusive Pong Documentation

For “Inclusive Game Design” we had to implement changes in the game to make it more accessible for people with disabilities.

I’ve identified the following problems with the original game:

  • PROBLEM: The speed of the game can be an issue for the motion or learning impaired. Reference/source:
  • SOLUTION: Allow user to change the speed of the game and skill level of computer, as proposed in the following article:
  • IMPLEMENTATION: I created a settings menu that allows the user to:
    • Adjust the speed of the ball.
    • Adjust the speed of the computer player.
  • RE-BALANCE GAME: Adjusted the skill level settings of the computer player and limited how fast and how slow the game can be set to.
  • PROBLEM: There is no audio feedback for the learning or visually impaired. Reference/source:
  • SOLUTION: Add sounds that indicate game play events, as proposed in the following article:
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Add sounds
    • Game begins
    • Ball hitting the paddle
    • Player scores
    • Game ends
  • RE-BALANCE GAME: Tested different sounds to see which one would fit the game play.
  • PROBLEM: The game has no instructions or a pause when a player scores which could be a problem for the learning or motion impaired. Reference/source:
  • SOLUTION: Provide instructions for the user, as proposed in the following article:
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Added a start screen with instructions and a pause screen in between scores.
  • RE-BALANCE GAME: Added a counter to start the game once the user clicks to start/continue.

Now have to dive into the code to make all this work 🙂