Internship @ VPTL

One of the requirements to getting the Master’s  degree at LDT is to get internships over 2 quarters. This quarter I am going to work at Stanford’s Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning (VPTL), assisting Grace Lyo, Associate Director of Instructional Design of the Digital Learning Design Team. 

We will be working on updating and creating content for the “Designing Online Learning Experiences at Stanford” (DOLES). The course “was created to guide Stanford faculty and staff members through the process of creating online learning experiences. This includes full online courses, flipped/blended courses, instructional resources, and more.” 

Already started on the first day of class and now ramping up the production – very excited since it is very well aligned to my Master’s project.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.15.02 PM.png

And here’s my office, with a full standing desk and rotating monitor to edit long texts!!