Intro to Teaching – Week 10 – Class Notes

Very good last class – able to wrap up with solid discussions about the greater challenges of education and teaching.

Funds of Knowledge vs. Prior Knowledge

  • Funds is about a community’s practice – not only culture but way of doing things
  • How do use these practices within the classroom the help for learner
  • Prior knowledge is typically something specific the student learned before

Cohen – Ms. Oublier

  • Teacher training and professional development
  • PCK and CK
    • “She thought that her revolution was over. Her teaching had changed definitively. She had arrived at the other shore.” p. 325
    • “Lacking deep knowledge, Mrs. O was simply unaware of much mathematical content and many ramifications off the material she taught…. Because her grip on mathematics was so modest.” p. 322
    • “Hence teachers are the most important agents of instructional policy (Cohen, 1988; Lipsky, 1980), but the state’s new policy also asserts that teachers are the problem. It is, after all, their knowledge and skills that are deficient.” p. 326
    • “Teachers also would have to learn a new practice of mathematics teaching, while learning the new mathematics and unlearning the old.” p. 327

San Francisco Teacher Residency

  • Just like medical students
  • Expose future teachers to practice

 Week 1 reboot

  • Look at the video again and see how much we have learned.

Video Notes:

  • Sitting in groups
  • Sets out clear mechanics of the class
  • Peer-to-peer teaching
  • Visualization of process – modeling by the teacher
  • Student centered teaching
  • Generate own data for better engagement and ownership of information
  • Prior knowledge
  • Transfer
  • Modeling by the student on the board
  • Asks questions from the students, doesn’t give out answers straight away
  • Facilitation of the process

Post video notes:

  • Clearly there was instructional planning
  • PCK & CK were there
  • Development – teacher was aware of where the students were and where he wants them to be at
  • Assessment – peer review
  • Classroom management – not much – students were already well behaved

Room for improvement

  • Show relevance of content material with real life

Reread notes

  • We were given out notes from the same video we did earlier in the quarter
    • Noticed similar things but lacked some terminology acquired during this class
    • Had not thought about / did not know about certain aspects or terminology of teaching:
      • Classroom management
      • Peer-to-peer teaching
      • Modeling
      • Prior knowledge
      • Transfer
      • Instructional planning
      • ZPD