Intro to Teaching – Week 8 – Class Notes

We talked about classroom management and about our next assignment in class.

No notes or pictures but great class.

Correction- took notes on the iPhone:

Intro to Teaching
Nov 10
Class Notes

Homework next week – position paper – can cite from any reading

Questions for instructors

  • How does all this apply to higher level teaching?
  • Professional Development / Teacher Credential Programs

East House – Teacher Credential Programs – 5:30 – 7:00pm

How did Lampert establish norms to teach the math content?

Proactive classroom management – set norms to be able to get good behavior

“These kids must be gifted”

Classroom management

Video Review: what are the types of management techniques are being used?

  • gives them a method to write down
    • Write the 4 down
      • Write 3 sub-items for each
  • walks around verifying if they are having problems
  • share with neighbor to discuss ideas
  • “anyone want to add to that?”
  • promotes individual decision-making – why – made them think
    • discuss with group
  • mediated discussion – now you reply
  • as a result of this discussion – reflect 
  • what we learned – is that you yourselves com up with discussions and good questions

Behavior management

-> I didn’t say that parents were at fault but that teaching is parenting to the nth power

Video analysis

Kids do well if they want to.

  • Your role will be to figure out what he wants.
  • Could be potentially dangerous if you work on the wrong ‘want’.

Kids do well if they can.

  • Your role is to make sure that you help there is nothing on the way.
  • Collaborative problem solving.
  • Try to find together with the kid what the underlying issue is to find out what is getting in the way of getting them there.

Restorative justice

  • as opposed to zero tolerance
  • talk to the kid – empathize with their victim

Audio media about Restorative Justice

  • kids are a long term project