Kyoto – first impressions

Got a hotel close to the train station as it is close to all the buses that go around town. The train station is unbelievable… it’s massive!

Walked around to see the temples close to the hotel (Toji and Nishi-Honganji Temples) but the rain was in the way and it was already late so they were closed. Managed to take some pictures and a some videos.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be sunny… there is a lot to see – there are over 1600 temples and 17 World Heritage sites! Uff!
Some more interesting things – the parking lot locks your car from underneath so that you can pay. Everything is automated – you can practically live off of vending machines – even inside restaurants you chose by the vending machine then pick up your order from the counter. I also loved the truck that opens up on the side. Here are the pics: