LDT Seminar – Class Notes

Good session again today. Who am I? sessions started. We had that pleasure to listen to:

Matej Jan – funny – here’s his rehearsal video

Colin – languages

MingMing – motivational

On the second half of the class we had the visit of EdCareers for some valuable information about internships, available resources and how to plan for post Stanford.

Class Notes: 

IMG_0386 IMG_0387

Notes Followup:

  • Look at EdCareers Database
  • Read/Follow EdSurge.com
  • Join GSB/GSE EdClub
  • Goto and/or setup Coaching with BEAM


Think of 3 people and write about what they need to learn, why and how you propose they might learn it.

____, is a _____.

He wants to ___.

In order to do so, ___

To address this challenge I seek to ___ in a way that ___.