LDT Seminar – Master's Project Feedback

Got some good feedback today about my Master’s Project:

  • Look at StickyUnit
  • Focus on a content area
  • Talk to John Willensky – making research public

  • Think about what kind of higher ed

  • Skillshare vs Udemy

  • Qualtrix – heat maps

  • Survey: Not going to be published, confidential, where is it going to be published?Informal pilot testing, not formal research paper.


  1. Create email for Udemy teachers
  2. Create survey for teachers
  3. Send all iOS teachers from Udemy

Survey Questions:

  1. Besides teaching online what is your teaching experience or background ?
  2. How many online courses have you already published?
  3. What is your core motivation to publish your content online?
  4. Did you take the course on creating a course? How useful was it?
  5. What were the main challenges in creating the online course?
  6. What do you feel is missing in the online platform that would help you create a better course?
  7. Did you feel the need to have someone helping you in the process?
  8. If you were to add any features to the content the location tool, what would they be?
  9. If you were to redo your online course what would you do differently?
  10. How did the students’ questions and comments inform you about ways to improve your course?
  11. Any further suggestions or comments?