LDT Seminar – Week 3 – Class Notes & Pitch Assignment

Did a great “pitch” exercice in class to present ourselves and our Master’s project ideas in 60 seconds + one sentence you want to be remembered by. 2 rounds. Dramatic improvement from after first round of practice and feedback.

In preparation for the class we did the following:

  • Interests (learning problems are drawn to)
    • Online-blended learning environments
    • Best practices in teaching
    • Pedagogical strategies
    • Curriculum construction
  • What you bring to the table that you really want to continue using (skills, content knowledge, strengths, networks, etc.)
    • Passion for explaining how things work to others
    • Finding new ways of explaining the same concept (Cognitive Pluralism)
    • Teaching programing
    • Mobile and web development
  • Where you want to leverage these talents (learners, contexts, content)
    • Higher education setting
    • Highly motivated professors
    • Computer Science
  • One phrase to be remembered by:
    • “How to embed pedagogical and curriculum construction strategies into a blended online course publication software.”

Pitch bullet points after feedback from peers:

  • I started a mobile app development school and the biggest challenge was to create
  • Want to scaffold subject matter experts in their desire to teach others
  • Need a PARTNER with experience in teaching online