Life Logging

For the class “Computers for the Rest of You” we have to come up with an idea and a device to log information of your day – could be something like looking at some kind of illusion you have about reality and try to break it or simply record it.
Looking through some examples from previous projects I found the following:

  • Conscioiuness Field Resonator – a device that monitors random numbers generators and lights up if they behave strangely or less randomly – watch the video.
  • WayMarkr – a camera phone you wear on your shirt continuously takes pictures and uploads them to a web page with location and time information – watch the video.
  • BrainBall – a game where the most relaxed person wins
  • Bio Mapping – measuring user’s Galvanic Skin Responses, the data is plotted on a map to attempt to correlate geographic location and emotional arousal.

Whenever I go out to photograph I always want to remember what music I was listening to at the moment of the click.
It would capture an additional element to that singular moment of the picture and provide an additional layer to the context of the picture when showing them.
I would additionally record the ambient sound and the location of the photo (GPS).
So, the product would be a picture slide show app that plays back the photos, the music the photographer was listening to at that moment, the sound of what was around him, and where exactly he was.
The Picture Echoes Viewer 🙂

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