New Photos, Videos, Questions and a Best Of by Marc!!

New videos for days 54, 55, 56 and 57 have been uploaded!!
New photos for days 55, 56, and 57 have been added!!

Questions for those avid readers of this blog:

1. Has the text become less interesting?
2. Have the videos become more interesting?
3. What would you change, add, remove?

Keep thinking of a better way to present this story once it is complete…

AND Marc’s compilation of the best moments so far! Really cool 🙂

8 Replies to “New Photos, Videos, Questions and a Best Of by Marc!!”

  1. this compilation with its music is very good!
    no suggestions. the texts and speeches are good for me, the length is sometimes big but the editing will solve.I liked last video with lots of people.
    keep safe, bjs p

  2. Nice music, nice cuts of the video. I suggest when you settle down with a computer to edit the pictures and films with a program like pinnacle studio/adobepremiere or similar and add transitions, titling and special effects that will make it even more enjoyable. You have to tell a story to make it even more fun to watch. Marc you have seen some of my capabilities with pictures last time you were in SP haven’t you?

    Keep safe and enjoy the rest of the trip.


  3. I loved it!
    And with the music it became so exciting!
    I love everything that you are sending us: the writing, the description, the comments, etc, etc.
    Your way of describing this trip keep me glued on the screen like a book or a soup opera …
    Cant sleep without watching the chapters of the day!
    Keep safe.
    Love to both, Suzana

  4. I don’t think you should change a thing. It is all great, interesting, moving, honest.
    I look forward to it each day
    (…and Later think about later.)
    xx to both

  5. If marc could edit that nice video on the road I can only imagine what you can do with time on your hands and all the footage you have.
    Agree with your faher – people parts are the best.

    If you are going to change something I’d say change the route and go down Chile and up Argentina! I don’t want this trip to end…

    Un abrazo.

  6. Dear Lucas,
    I am glued to the daily updates. I like all your comments and small laugh. It’s fun when you meet people and it’s also fun when you and Marc chat. I love following this adventure. Hugs,

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