Night update

Just came back from the pool and it felt soooo refreshing!! It is quite hot here – we’ve been told that it’s not quite normal – a heat wave came in today we were told.

La Paz is quite nice and apparently it was running against Cabo San
Luca to be THE tourist spot in Baja… Cabo won 🙂

Ran into a couple who is riding this really beautiful motorcycle with a side car. They usually ride a BMW GS 1200 – they’ve put 100,000 miles on it since 2005!! But they would miss their dog so much that they decided to start riding this other motorcycle so that could take
the dog – and yes, the dog rides the side car and his wife rides behind him! Forgot to take a picture of them and the dog…

We then had dinner at a nice restaurant with a good view of the city… El Patron…
Funny thing happened – at least at the time it was – Marc ordered some regular bottled water – agua natural – and I said that I wanted a sparkling one – con gas. When the waiter came back he brought me a mixed fruit drink – I asked him what it was – CONGA!!!

Tomorrow hopefully we will have a little time to relax at a beach we saw on the way to the ferry but first we’re going to take care of the paper work and tickets. Then around 1pm we’ll go to the ferry which leaves at 4pm to arrive in Mazatlan at 6am of the next day 🙁 We might 
finally use our camping gear! Hehehehe…

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  1. good video! what a bore, our sleepy latin bureaucracy. nice hotel. losing weight in the heat? bjs p

  2. lol, i thought the same thing, that heat looks like a sauna, hehehe…

    that bike is called a URAL and it is Russian. the cool thing about them is that the side car wheel is powered so it is technically a three wheeler and known for it’s serious off road/military capabilities. i did not know they were reliable enough to do international touring.

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