Phrase of the Day

"Trajen perico?" (Are you bringing any cocaine?) asked the Military
"Que es perico?" I innocently replied knowing what he meant…
He then proceeded to walk around our bikes with a device that looked
more like a vibrator with a TV antenna attached at right angle to the
tip. The antenna swung towards my headlights and then swung towards
Marc's top case… at that point he gave up and let us go.
Quite unlikely that such a small device with no buttons, no display or
LED lights was a drug sniffer…

11 Replies to “Phrase of the Day”

  1. happy 34th, lu!! tentei te ligar mas both phones are out. I’m loving your trip, the images are wonderful! keep them coming…
    eva always watches the videos with me. she sometimes doesn’t understand where u r, but then your voice comes and she says: “olha o lucaaaaas!!” she’s been seeing a lot of you, marc! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and now my princess – she’s ‘sippy buli’ now – is saying happy birthday lucas!
    franco’s growing, developing, happy!
    will try to call later again.
    si, si, tequilita con limon y una cervezita, muy bueno, manooo. y nada de perico, he? (nunca ouvi falar esta palavra!)

  2. Fala Lucas! Happy B`Day, Bro!

    Tenho acompanhado por aqui sua viagem! Ducaralho!

    What a great trip! Alonga a perna sul e vai ate a Terra do Fogo! E um lugar incrivel e a viagem e demais! Eu ja fiz de carro e vale a pena!!! Afinal o que sao mais 20 dias de viagem ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Um puta abraco e keep moving!!

    Cris Baran

  3. Le!
    Thanks for the b-day wishes!
    Deve ser muito engracado ver a Eva vendo os videos!
    Nao estou com o tel ligado entao nao adianta ligar ๐Ÿ™

    penso seriamente em ir ate a Terra do Fogo mas vamos ver no que da – talves uma outra perna mais tarde ๐Ÿ™‚ Manda fotos! Abs!

  4. Hey Lucão!

    Happy Birthday man!

    Thanks for sharing this adventure with all of us!

    Take care!


  5. wow! Como te dijo el mejicano, hay que tener COJONES para hacer ese viaje.
    Feliz cumpleaños.
    Que te vaya bien…

  6. Hi MUCHACHOOOOOOOOOO ! um super PARABÉNS pra vc, meu querido amigo Multi Tasks !!! uma nova tarefa seria tb como escritor…muito bom o jeito que vc escreve e descreve as coisas….
    Todos da família Gallo tb mandam beijos…a Marina ainda todo dia pergunta que país vc está !!
    Take care muchacho ! have fun !

  7. Happy Bday Lucas.
    It’s great to accompany your trip.
    U are the first person I got acquainted to on
    a motorcycle.
    By the way, I am Marc’s titia.

  8. Lucas mil parabéns…este vc não vai esquecer mais…E a revista? será que deu medo..?Perico?? Nunca ouvi falar….Take care safe…Bjs

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