Tech 4 Learners – Final – Pedagogical Compass


A compass is a tool that allows us to orient to different directions, charting a course toward whatever destination we have chosen. For this section of the final, you will create a tool to organize the different concepts covered in this class.  In addition, it should allow us to “map” different EdTech products in some way as well as to guide those who use it toward effective learning experiences.
This is a very open-ended assignment, which can be creatively interpreted.  Use it to push your thinking about how these concepts fit together! It can be visual, or even physical, if you so choose.  It can take the form a concept map or a chart or a poem, or any number of other forms. We expect it to fit into 1-2 pages. However you choose to present your thinking, it is important to clearly convey what is particularly important to you.  In this assignment you are articulating your position on the pedagogies conveyed by the readings and the course concepts.

It is important that you:

  1. provide some explanation to the user of the compass as to what it means,
  2. reflect on the relationships between the different concepts,
  3. provide references (citations) to scholarship, so that users of the compass can pursue further enlightenment,
  4. articulate which way is “North” to you, and why?


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.01.29 PM.png