Tech 4 Learners – Homework Week 3 – Go out and Have Fun

Had the fortune of being assigned to a really great group – Soren Rosier and Alexandra Cristea – and our task for this week was to go out and have some fun:

“Get to know your group.  Do something fun together. Create a group name. Submit a note about who your group is and what you did.”

Here’s the result:

What we did

Went to Ray’s and took turns telling our stories and drinking some beer. Stimulating conversation!

Group Name

S.A.L (our initials… also means salt in Portuguese)

What we do
  • We research (Soren), plan (Alex) and implement (Lucas) education technology that causes impact
  • We make a difference, one kid at a time
  • We are an interdisciplinary team searching for solutions for real-world problems

IMG_0400 copy 3 IMG_0401 copy 3