Tech 4 Learners – Week 7 – Prototype Presentation

Prototype presentation: 

Text for presentation: 

Learning goal: 

We want ‘A’ to learn the value of communicating with others.

Theory of learning:

Our tool intends to offer him practice in generating new words and then rewarding him with the playback experience. This will reinforce that his words have meaning, power and entertainment value. If he is interested in the material presented, he will engage in narrating it. Ideally we want him to transfer these skills into real life situations.

If the program:

  • Utilizes engaging content for ‘A’
  • Replays ‘A’s words so he and others see their value (and enjoy them!)
  • Initially offers prompts for ‘A’ to speak then gradually reduces them

Then ‘A’ will overtime…

  • Generate spontaneous and increasingly complex sentences.
  • Transfer those skills to real life situations.


  • How do we build on what we’ve learned to create a tool that encourages ‘A’ to express his thoughts with less prompting?
  • What additional mechanism or feature could support ‘A’ in transferring these skills to real-world situations?
  • Did some videos but there would be no time to present it – we had 60 seconds!


I prepared a stop-motion video for presenting the prototype as well:

Which is the final result of some thinking and prototyping: