Tech 4 Learners – Week 7 – Class Notes

Had some of the parents and kids from OMS come watch our presentations. We were actually the first ones to go – Soren presented and I controlled the slides… went a little over time but went well.

At the end of class, stayed back with Alex, Karin and Marina to try to get to some kind of breakthrough or decide upon next steps that we could make with our project. Karin thoughtfully asked if there was anything Marina never tried and would want to. She said Virtual Reality… got the juices flowing…

How could we have A engage, practice, and develop his verbal communication skills within a virtual world. Would he verbalize in order to interact with the game? Could he drive a car with voice commands? Would he engage in the task of teach an agent within this world – or engage in verbal play with a virtual character?

Back home I thought of Minecraft – would he engage in that level of focus requiring activity? Could he interact with the game using an existing world and voice commands?

Some of the feedback we got:

IMG_1106 IMG_1107