Tech 4 Learners – Week 9 – Assignment Group Meeting

Met up with Alex to talk about the next steps in terms of the high fidelity prototype and what we should put in our final 2 minute video presentation and report.


  • Add your own words, phrases, pictures and videos
  • Ability to chose section of video to play
  • Ability to sequence videos into a story
  • Create multiple rewards
  • Record multiple prompts
  • Record session
  • Training Wheels section
  • Audio mixer on recorded session playback
  • Cut out background on Talking Tom character
  • Ok button only shows up after Tom prompts for response
  • Responses come every 10 seconds

App’s Main features:

  • Scaffolded learning experience
  • Protege effect
  • Replay of narration – see the value of words
  • Customizable – teacher can upload words, phrases, pictures and new videos


  1. About ‘A’ and learning challenges
  2. How Might We help ‘A’ generate more words
  3. About the App 1
  4. Video of the prototype 1
  5. What we learned
  6. Protege Effect
  7. About the App 2
  8. Video of prototype 2
  9. What we learned
  10. Vision – ‘A’ as a news reporter explaining a TED talk

Meeting Notes