TOGI – user testing!

TOGI has been used for the first by two kids at Seton Hospital this morning.

I think they responded well considering it was the first time
the touch screen concept was introduced to them.

Here are the changes I am going to make on Togi:

1. Audio:

Introduction – who is Togi and what he wants to do
Coaching – repeat audio saying if Togi is hungry or tired to encourage the kid to press the button
Remove sound from incorrect button
Add sound to correct button pressed
Snoring sound
Eating sound

2. Introduce levels of difficulty or simply change

Level 1 – Togi wants to EAT/SLEEP
Level 2 – Togi is HUNGRY/TIRED

3. “Full screen” buttons

Right button = right half of screen
Left button = left half of screen

4. Visuals:

Add bed where he sleeps
Add food are where he eats
Add sign language

We could add 2 learning games before going into TOGI to introduce them to the touch screen concept:

TOGI wants!

– Learn how to press button to make a choice on screen
– Left half of screen shows a SOCK for example
– Right half of screen shows a SHIRT for example
– TOGI says he wants the SOCK
– Have to press on the SOCK image

TOGI questions!

– Togi shows a pair of SOCKS
– Togi asks if it is a SHIRT
– Press on YES or NO

Both of these would have a system where you can upload your own pictures
according to what you are teaching/showing the kids that week.

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