Nightlife in Doha

WOW!! What can I say!?The Cube… very well structured night club… There was a live band playing covers and a very nice laser show.At one point the laser was painting on the wall “Welcome to the Cube. The ONLY night club in Doha!!!”I was so bored that I actually counted the number of women there: 6. Men? About 200.Well, what can you expect? It’s a dry state (no alcohol)… In any case, looking forward to Hong Kong 🙂


HOT… very, very HOT!Thought of assembling my bike but decided against it once I went out for a 1 minute walk around the hotel and was immediately drenched in sweat. There are some “safaris” available and some city tours you can get but besides being expensive, it requires a minimum of 3 people… so for a less money and more freedom I rented a car. Desert and construction sites… massive structures… but mainly it feels like there is a lot of building and not enough people to fill all of these spaces and monuments. On the highway you see only … Continue reading “Doha”

Big entry – Barcelona – Paris – Doha

Forgot to post the pictures of my last day in Barcelona… went to the Picasso Museum but it was closed, so went to the Zoo instead 🙂 Zoo – Barcelona Trip to Paris was uneventful… arranged with one of the few taxi drivers with a mini-van in Barcelona to pick me up in the morning… arrived 1 hour before my flight but fortunately the Air France check-in was empty and the whole procedure was swift… even to get the bags in Paris it was effortless. I had to then face the decision of going into Paris by train, taxi or … Continue reading “Big entry – Barcelona – Paris – Doha”

Paris – quick note

No internet where I am staying so posting just to say hi to everyone and say that everything is amazing here in Paris… such a great town… expansive, green, elegant, and yes… very expensive… about USD 4 for a Coke!! Quick stay here… a shame.Had dinner with Mark both nights – very pleasant and now with Andrea who came to spend the weekend with some of her friends.Off to Doha tonight… will probably have internet at the hotel there so I will have a chance to upload all of the new pictures 🙂


Weekend in Barcelona – SONAR going on so many parties. Went all out on Saturday to a place called Rasmatas – another huge place with about 6 different areas with different music. Went with JP and Pepe and stayed there almost all night – great music and a slightly better looking crowd. On Sunday we went to a “pool” party at a hotel – no one went into the pool but finally we saw some beatiful people 🙂Today, Monday is my last day here in Barcelona… leave tomorrow to Paris for a couple of days, then on to Doha and … Continue reading “Party”

Another Day Hanging Out

Went for a quick bike ride and got yet another flat… have to change the strip in between the wheel and the tube… ran into JP and some new acquaintances he made, went to the Auto Show and then met with Karen and Julie at the beach and ended up at her friends bar. At night went to see the place Ale works on Fridays and Saturdays as a barman called Dancatoria… great 4 story house but the crowd was so so… Barcelona 8

Lazy day

Woke up late again and went to get my bike from the shop – was not ready – argh – and when I came back later they hadn´t even tightened the spokes… after getting it all resolved went down to the SONAR so that he could get his passes and finally to the beach for some “papparazzi” photos for his magazine Beat – an entertainment guide for Hong Kong. Barcelona7 Tonight going to stay in to seize the day tomorrow.

Barcelona Day 6

Some more pictures of my meanderings through the streets of Barcelona Barcelona 6 Also did a little work yesterday at Karen´s house took some pictures of her for the Brazilian press… here are the selected ones: Karen At night we went out to some parties… not bad but I was too tired to enjoy it fully.

Parc Guell

Went to the famous Parc Guell and thought it was very nice but nothing astonishing or mouth dropping. Concentrated on the “macro” photography on the flowers. Was a great bike ride up there. On the way back I also stopped at La Pedrera, an interesting apt complex Gaudi built – again – interesting sculptural concept but nothing out of this world…At night went out with Ale and his friend Jean-Pierre (JP) from Hong who is here for the SONAR music festival. After giving up on entering Buddha Bar we went to Club 13 – a cool night club set in … Continue reading “Parc Guell”

Oriol Balaguer – chocolates

With my good friend Karen Couto I went to the opening of a new line of chocolates and deserts by Oriol Balaguer at the gorgeous Miro Foundation. Karen is a chef from Brazil who is now working with El Bulli here in Barcelona. Oriol Balaguer apparently sells worldwide and as you can see, has a very refined presetnation (not to mention the taste!).Here are some photos: