Still awake! Stayed up during almost all of the entire trip watching movies and reading… the view going down the west coast was amazing – clear blue skies… and now at Burn’s place right on the beach! Struggling to stay awake so went our for a quick bike ride – very nice to have the sun and the ocean so close again! Was a little tired of all the urban settings πŸ™‚

Museum day in Tokyo

Yesterday I took the “day off” and just went to Akihabara to browse the electronic gadgets and play some video games.Today, thanks to Gian Pablo’s tips (friend from ITP) I went to the following:– NTT ICC – an amazing space with ITP-like projects. Pity there it you are not allowed to take pictures! But the building itself was great… actually almost every major building here is a feat of architecture, design and engineering:At the NTT ICC center, some projects worth I particularly enjoyed:— KAGE – a series of cones on the floor that produce an image both on the floor … Continue reading “Museum day in Tokyo”

I missed the earthquake!!

This is wierd… as you may know there was an earthquake in Japan today… 6.8 magnitude with epicenter on the northwestern Tokyo region… I did NOT feel it at all!! I saw on the subway that many lines were delayed and service was suspended on some lines because of an earthquake. I felt nothing.Max and Anais both felt it and said that they could see the top of buildings swaying and the lamps and curtains moving… as if you were in a boat in a storm… I guess I was in the train and did not recognize it as a … Continue reading “I missed the earthquake!!”

Tokyo – Odaiba

Today I went to an area called Odaiba – a futuristic shopping and entertainment district. Some amazing buildings, lots of shopping centers, and many very interesting museums. I took some pictures and videos of:– The ride on the unmanned rubber tired tram (Yuirkamone) and the interesting buildings along the way. – Fuji Television building with a sphere inside its structure.– National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) where kids learn about everything from superconductors, nano-technology, advanced medicine, space exploration, robots and much more – amazingly interactive and informative museum.– Panasonic building with an amazing display of the electronics of … Continue reading “Tokyo – Odaiba”

Very interesting blog about Tokyo/Japan

Came across this blog and found it quite interesting. Was talking about all the small differences in culture, signs, behaviors and so on that a Japanese would probably not be able to point out to us Westerners simply because it is so normal for them. This blog though seems to be able to show all of the little quirks that makes this country so interesting.

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Today I went with Max and Anais to an incredible museum – the Edo-Tokyo Museum. I have never seen a museum with so much information in my life. It was actually exhausting to see and read everything but extremely interesting. A complete history of how Edo (Tokyo’s old name) became Tokyo… the typical houses, customs, trading, evolution and a series o reconstructions. Fires, earthquakes and floods constantly devastated the city throughout history. One interesting fact was that Osaka was the production city and Tokyo was the consumption city… This museum is a definite spot that every tourist should go to … Continue reading “Edo-Tokyo Museum”