Tokyo – Odaiba

Today I went to an area called Odaiba – a futuristic shopping and entertainment district. Some amazing buildings, lots of shopping centers, and many very interesting museums.
I took some pictures and videos of:
– The ride on the unmanned rubber tired tram (Yuirkamone) and the interesting buildings along the way.
– Fuji Television building with a sphere inside its structure.
– National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) where kids learn about everything from superconductors, nano-technology, advanced medicine, space exploration, robots and much more – amazingly interactive and informative museum.
– Panasonic building with an amazing display of the electronics of the Matsushita group including a Wii event (yes, I played with the Wii – very entertaining!)
– Toyota showroom with their latest cars, a track with a self driving car and some concept cars
– The giant ferris wheel
– Tokyo Big Sight – a HUGE building for fairs and expos where I ate some lunch…
I still had to go the Museum of Maritime Science but I ran out of cash and honestly I was too tired from walking for almost 5 hours around this mega complex.
Good day 🙂

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