Eye Tracking

For “Computers for the Rest of You” we have to come up with a project that reads “data” from our body (heart rate, brain waves, sweat, eye movement…) and investigate what it can tell us about ourselves. I decided to keep on developing my eye tracking idea: HypothesisWhen people are tasked to pick their favorite photograph from several photos, it is not always the one they spent the most time looking at. MethodSeveral subjects will be asked to pick their favorite photo. They will then be presented with three equally sized photos in a Processing window. Eye tracking will record … Continue reading “Eye Tracking”


This week we will present our game prototypes to Annete from Seton.I created TOGI – a little robot I sometimes scribble on a piece of paper.As I posted earlier, the idea was to create a Tamagotchi like “game” where you had to feed or play with the character.I started trying to animate every single part of TOGI in Flash and just ran into complications when creating the movie clips one inside of the other and creating motion tweens. It turns out that the order in which you create the movie clips matters… you have to create all the pieces of … Continue reading “TOGI !!”

Computers for the Rest of You – Capturing Your Experience

IDEA: My illusion is that I am pretty restless even when I am sitting down – I shake me leg constantly and I can never sit still. PROJECT COMPONENTS: Accelerometer transmitting its data via Bluetooth in my pant’s pocket. Cell phone running a J2ME applet reading serial data coming in through Bluetooth. Click HERE for the applet. Instructions are HERE – by Dan O’Sullivan. Same applet creates a log in the cell phone. Once logging is complete, the same applet transmits the log via Bluetooth. Java applet on computer that reads serial data and stores it into a file. Click … Continue reading “Computers for the Rest of You – Capturing Your Experience”

Data Visualization 2

Ha! Got it to work with real data… cheap way out though… ran my Java code and made it spit out the data to a file… then copied the data from the file into C so that I had a “hard coded” array in the source code – no need to figure out how to read a file and parse bytes in C ­čÖéHere is the visualization with the real data:Not very enlightening but if you stretch your imagination you can see when I am more active (riding bike and going up and down stairs). Next step, if I have … Continue reading “Data Visualization 2”

Data Visualization

For “Computers for the Rest of You” we have to plot data we recorded from a wearable device and plot it in an interesting way.I wore an accelerometer that connected to a J2ME application on a phone via Bluetooth… the data was then sent to the computer via Bluetooth again using a Java app to read the serial port. Another Java program then processes the data to convert the bytes into floats.I then wrote a program to draw a wobbling sphere in C/OpenGL.Now I just have to port the Java program into C/OpenGL so that I can read the data … Continue reading “Data Visualization”