iPhone Unlock site

Just for reference – found this site, iPhone.Unlock.no, to be by FAR the best site for unlocking your iPhone. It addresses most situations, 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 unlocking, unbricking, jailbreaking, activating and all. Note: 1.1.2 out of the box(OTB) iPhones have not been unlocked via software as of yet. This has only been achieved by using TurboSIM – a very cool product – a SIM card and APIs to develop SIM Toolkit applications + 802.15.4 2.4GHz radio for mobile phones AND ZigBee optional! The “hackers” used it to unlock the iPhone’s GSM features.


That’s it! Have to stop at some point ­čÖéTOGI is “officially” done… for this semester at least.This final version has 3 levels:1. Touch – Togi tells the kid explicitly to touch the bed or the pizza2. Eat-Sleep – Togi tells the kid that Togi wants to eat or sleep3. Tired-Hungry – Togi tells the kid that Togi is tired or hungryThe levels are ordered by increasingly “complex” cognitive steps. From following instructions in level 1 to recognizing verbs in level 2 to making the association of a problem and its solution.

Togi Identify tested

I went to Seton today and tested the Identify version of Togi.The kids seemed to react even better to this version which explicitly tells them what to do (TOUCH the pizza).One great idea that came from this session was to look at evaluation tests/mechanisms that the occupational therapists use with the kids.With these different levels, Togi could be used to evaluate the cognitive level of kids by changing the question you ask the kid – very similar to what I was intuitively doing when creating the different levels for Togi:1. Identify – can the child identify objects on the screen2. … Continue reading “Togi Identify tested”