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UFF!! Week is almost over!

Intense week – went thru all the classes except for one tomorrow. Here they are:

  1. Human-Computer Interaction Studio
  2. Topics in Brazilian Education
  3. Introduction to Teaching
  4. Technology for Learners
  5. Understanding Learning Environments
  6. Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

I’m at the maximum number of units I can take so I’m thinking of dropping one of the classes to maintain some sanity.

The courses are quite heavy on the reading and most of them have many projects involving group work and reporting.

Posted some notes about each course below.

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

Professor: Denise Pope

Course Description:

This course introduces students to core concepts and methods of qualitative research. Through a variety of hands-on learning activities, readings, field experiences, class lectures, and discussions, students will explore the processes and products of qualitative inquiry. Essential questions for the course include: What is the nature of qualitative research– and how can we, as consumers and “doers,” assess its value?”

Class Notes:

Notes 1

Class Exercise:

Choose a partner, and first one draws the other without lifting the pen from the paper. Then switch, but now you cannot look at the paper! I was on the second round! NO PEEKING!

Drawing of me.


My drawing:


Assignment #1

Assignment #1
Assignment #1