LDT Seminar – Winter Quarter Reflection

Prompt:  Evaluate your own contributions to seminar based on the rubric below. Explore your own learning inside and outside of class in a brief reflection paper (1-2 pages). LDT SEMINAR RUBRIC Below Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations Attendance* Misses two or more seminars. Comes late or leaves early. Does not inform instructor of absence in advance. Attends all of seminar, or misses one, with very good excuse (e-mailed to instructor ahead of time). Always on time. Organizes extra learning opportunities for other learners. Assignments** Assignments are late, incomplete, or poorly executed. Assignments are turned in on time. All outside work … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Winter Quarter Reflection”

LDT Seminar – Week 10 – Class Notes

Due to the success of Graph Learner in the BBA Expo and my enthusiasm towards building and evolving the app, I voiced my temptation of switching my Master’s Project to it. The LXD platform aims at creating virtual agents that help instructors along the process of creating online courses. It is a very interesting problem to tackle but has a limited scope in so far as scale and potential impact. Graph Learner on the other hand could impact a much wider population, it’s scalable, has the potential for a real revenue stream, and teaches essential skills needed by all students and … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 10 – Class Notes”

LDT Seminar – Week 9 – Class Notes

Discussed our projects in our regular groups. My report: Got an internship next quarter at Stanford’s Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL)!! Going to work on the course on creating a course using OpenEdX as the platform! Perfectly aligned with my Master’s Project! Survey for teachers – fell behind on this one – have to update the questions based on Karin’s feedback and send it out. Challenges ahead: technical implementation of solution Then we went to the Cactus Garden to do some group activities… fun : )

LDT Seminar – Master's Project First Draft

Learning Experience Designer (LXD) Lucas Longo v.1, Feb 27, 2016 “In spite of the proliferation of online learning, creating online courses can still evoke a good deal of frustration, negativity, and wariness in those who need to create them.” – Vai, M. & Sosulski, K. (2015) ABSTRACT The trend towards online learning environments is irreversible and an increasing number of higher educational institutions are going in that direction. It is a labor intensive task for professors who must transition from a traditional classroom or lecture hall model to an online environment. Aside from the learning curve into any e-learning authoring … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Master's Project First Draft”

LDT Seminar – Master Project Draft Review with Karin

Had a great meeting with Karin to discuss the first draft of the Master’s Project. Main takeaways: Find research that supports the notion that Higher Ed is focusing everyday more on online courses Instructors find putting courses online a challenge and a ‘large’ task. Situated learning is better than parallelized They why of the ‘course to create a course’ Virtual student Have more than one, allow instructor to give them characteristics Have an explicit virtual agent for the coach/expert TPCK Focus more on PCK Competition Facebook Groups Hired Instructional Designer Evidence of Success Add what may not work

LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Class Notes

Did a group checkin with everyone in the class – administrative questions basically and some more about the LDT Expo happening on July 29 – open to ALL!! I also prepared my Online Teacher Experience Qualtrics Survey – now waiting for feedback from the cohort. Then we had the pleasure of having Ashley Moulton come and talk to us about her work at YouTube Kids as a User Experience Design Researchers – most of her slide are confidential but she was able to share some here. I also took a photo of an important one, which reads: Some related Stanford classes: HCI Seminar d.media Qualitative Research … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Class Notes”

LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Next steps & Appendices: Time, Money, People Assignemnt

Prompt Appendices are for anything else you think you need to share with your reader, in case they’re interested. I am asking you for a draft timeline, budget, and a list of collaborators and supporters. Plan on ~300 hours for the project. Note that a budget is required before I can release project funds. If you’d like you can add other information such as an annotated list of competing products or copies of surveys and interview questions. Do not assume appendices will be read; these are reference materials that provide the opportunity for the reader to go deeper should she or he … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Next steps & Appendices: Time, Money, People Assignemnt”

LDT Seminar – Master's Project Feedback

Got some good feedback today about my Master’s Project: Look at StickyUnit Focus on a content area Talk to John Willensky – making research public Think about what kind of higher ed Skillshare vs Udemy Qualtrix – heat maps Survey: Not going to be published, confidential, where is it going to be published?Informal pilot testing, not formal research paper. TO DO: Create email for Udemy teachers Create survey for teachers Send all iOS teachers from Udemy Survey Questions: Besides teaching online what is your teaching experience or background ? How many online courses have you already published? What is your core motivation … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Master's Project Feedback”