DC day 2

Beautiful city – so green, tons of birds and all the FREE museums! Today went to Capitol Hill, Freer Gallery, Holocaust Museum and the White House.
Quite disturbed by the Holocaust Museum but fantastic exhibit.
Union Station also is gorgeous. Posted some more pictures on the same album below…

Summer travel has begun

First stop – Washington DC – staying with Phillip – gorgeous house. Got here by train from NY and went straight to the Air and Space Museum – the most visited museum in the US!! Then went to see the “required” stops – Capitol Hill, White House, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial and so on…

Here are some pictures:

Washington DC

Phillip has kindly decided to lend me his hard case for bikes so besides taking my old Peugeout back to NY I will use it to take my Specialized along with me on the Round the World trip I am doing this summer.

Stay tuned for more news!

SPiRT demo

Finally got a dowloadable version posted.

Right click on the link to download the file:


Sub-conscious Picture Rating Tool (SPiRT)
Your eye ball wanders around to places we are not always aware of. Could the eye ball involuntary movement show something about our subconscious/preferences/interests?

Some pictures of the device:

Eye Tracking

ITP Spring Show 2007

Here are some pictures of the ITP Spring Show I took… will soon post some videos:

You can also see Gian Pablo’s pictures here:

Tribeca Film Festival

Last week, by the indication of Charly Braun, I went to see “Santiago” – a documentary by Joao Moreira Salles about his buttler.
Fantastic story and character. We were honored by Joao’s presence at the screening for the Q&A session. Delicate, centered, and soft spoken…

Also saw Charly’s short film the same day “You Can’t Take It With You” – a story of a boy who finds out that the world is going to end from a VCR that sees into the future. Entertaining and cute film – well executed and with great actors… congratulations Charly!!

First Pictures with Nokia D80

Splurged today and bought myself a Nokia D80 with a Tamron 18-250mm lens.
Amazing camera – fast and all the options you want, and some that you will never use 🙂

The lens is not the clearest one in the market but it is truly a all-in-one… wide angle to zoom… covering all of your basic needs.

5 Borough Bike Ride

Today 40 thousand bikers hit the streets of NY and biked for 40 miles across NYC’s 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

Met up with Roy, Jeremy, and Andy at his place at 6:30 am. We then met up with Felipe and Ben.

After freezing at the start line, we were let go… great ride!

Check out some pictures:

5 Borough Bike Ride

LEGO Robotics Fotos

Here are some pictures of the projects the kids at Hunter Elementary School are working on. I interned there this semester – a part of an after school program held by Vision Education and Media. I helped out with teaching them how to program the robots and helped out with the construction of their ideas. A great experience that impressed me in so far as how fast the kids learn and absorb.

Lego Robotics