Back in the US thoughts

So… back in NY for almost a week now… it is hot and humid here and all very familiar.
I think what strikes me the most, comparing the US to Asia (Japan mostly) is that everything is big here – the streets, the sidewalks, the cars, the food portions, and the people.
The subway though… ridiculously small, no air conditioning in the stations, and very old and dirty. Granted that it is one of the oldest subway systems in the world but in a world hub like NY you would expect a little more out of it.
I heard that the trains cannot run any faster because they can’t really tell exactly where each train is once they leave the station! In Japan they inform you on multiple LCD screens within the train, how minutes it will take to each station along that train’s path. They could probably tell you how many seconds as well!
In any case, I’m loving to be back… been hanging out at home mostly getting me jet lag off and organizing my photos, computer and starting to think about next semester at school and future projects 🙂