Big Update

This past week has been crazy with a change in my Master’s project and searching for a job. I was unable to keep up with the blog postings so I decided today to do a quick overview of the past week since the last post:

Sunday, May 1

  • Went to a flower shop 🙂
  • Bounced some tennis balls of the wall

  • Decided upon a road bike instead of another hybrid – more hand positions, faster, more efficient, and makes me want to go on long rides again.


Tuesday, May 3

  • Attended a workshop on Optional Practical Training (OPT) at the Bechtel International Student Center where all the details and deadlines were explained.

Wednesday, May 4

  • Met with Mingming in the morning to help her with her iOS app
  • Did the readings for Engineering Education
  • The class itself was interesting but my mind is tuned out…


  • Met with James to talk about Slingshot

Thursday, May 5

  • Internship day – all day – progressed a good deal on the necessary updates and started talking about the internship over the summer.

Friday, May 6

  • First long ride with the new bike – 2 hour ride
  • Presented slingshot to the group good reception
  • At night we went to Omair’s apartment for an LDT party – great fun!

Saturday, May 7

  • Game Design workshop: more on looking at processes as Core Loops:
    • Assess
    • Decide
    • ActReward
  • B.J.Fogg’s B = M. A. T.
    • Behavior = motivation + ability + trigger
  • Went all out and ate the best burgers we’ve ever had at Umami Burger

Sunday, May 8

  • Picnic on the hills!
  • Mother’s day!


Monday, May 9

  • Biked in the morning – too short
  • Called DMV to see what’s up with my license – will have to go there to get a new temporary document
  • Met with Grace and Andy (Internship) and went ahead with the 20 hour a week internship for the summer 🙂
  • Met with James then Karin for a long time discussing Slingshot and what we have to do to make it a Master’s project.

  • Engineering Education – hum… went over Assessments…

Tuesday, May 10

  • Brazilian Education – Bertrand presented his work on sequencing hands on learning experiences with direct content delivery/presentation. Very interesting. Pity we’re loosing him to Harvard!


  • Lytics Seminar – talking about student performance predictor algorithms to identify weak instructional segments and improve assessments.


  • Went into work for a little bit – filling in the hours since on Thursday I won’t be able to put in all the 8 hours.
  • Talked to Pedro Martelo, with whom I’ve probably not spoken with for over 20 years! He’s been working in the EdTech sector for a long time and gave me some great insights about the market, the available roles, and potentially interesting companies to look into.

Wednesday, May 11

  • In the morning I worked on the Engineering Education assignment… not too proud of it but here it is:

  • Class was ok… have to catch up with the readings and assignments… uff
  • Borrowed Jame’s car and went to the Tuxedo rental store for this Friday’s Formal! Should be fun.