2 day update

Full days!

May 12

Started early at the DMV where I got a renewed temporary license while Homeland Security verifies my legal status in the US… it’s been 5 months… did I do something wrong? Hehehehe

I talked to Max from General Assembly where we discussed how I might help them with their new iOS curriculum and hopefully work more closely in the future.

I then rushed back to school to have lunch and go to work at my internship at VPTL. There I talked to Grace about my future plans and the possibilities of continuing our work there.

Also talked to Paulo, as my advisor, about the changes in my Master’s project… he gave me some great advice and ideas about how to make the project more interesting pedagogically speaking, innovative, and using technology to support the process.

May 13

Long bike ride in the morning. Caught up with another cyclist and we swapped drafting off of each other. Fun!

Arrived late for LDT seminar where we had Mingming talking about prototyping as a form of gaining knowledge about a problem. She is awesome.

The Corine and Omair presented us with a very impressive editing tool – Da Vinci Resolve  – FREE!! No compositing though but unparalleled color correction.

Then rushed out to get a Zip car… first try the car I reserved was not there… rushed to another location… the app would not work, or the network… after several app relaunches and network resets I was able to get the car I was standing next to. All this to go to LinkedIn to meet with Eduardo Saito, who I know from way back when we worked at Zip.Net. Great lunch and great conversation.

Stopped by the tuxedo rental place to pick mine up, then spoke to Brian Buttler, friends with Alex while living in Recife. Now he’s living in Miami and thinking about what to do after his Summit Global Education – a study abroad program – he founded. Interested in EdTech… great conversation about the market and the kinds of companies that are being built nowadays.

Then at night we went to the Venetian Ball at Stanford – a formal party with around 1000 graduate students. Pretty much all of the LDT cohort went – great fun!