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As Marc pointed out it is sometimes hard to follow which videos the blog postings are referring to so from now on I will be posting text and then when I get the video up I will add it to the same post… so check back on the post to see if there are new videos 🙂
I posted one for day 27 below…
Also on the top right corner I included a link to all of the videos…

3 thoughts on “Blog procedure

  1. Anonymous

    Since you are talking about video changes, I have a suggestion. I like maps. And, you have that GPS and MAP tracker. I suggest you occasionally give the time on your video and set a point on your MAP tracker (at the same time) so we can tell where the video was taken. Now, I don’t expect you to do that all the time, just occasionally. (We can try to figure out the difference between GMT and your time zone).

    BTW – Happy Birthday!


  2. Lucas Longo

    Have been thinking about that for both the videos and the photos… maybe when I’m done with the trip I will figure out how to do it… will involve quite a bit of work to match it all up 🙂
    Thanks for the happy birthday…
    So what do you do?

  3. Anonymous

    I do general computer “stuff” for a Credit Union.
    Just to let you know (not that I expect you to fix it when you are on trip), it seems the the time stamp on the MAP Tracker is dropping the leading number so that 10:05 is showing as 0:05.
    I liked the video with the Mayan Ruins. I’m looking forward to more posts.

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