Brazilian Education – Week 3 – Reading Notes

Brazilian Education

This week’s readings were about Engineering education in Brazil. Main take-aways:

  • Poor STEM education in high-schools
  • Curriculum is too theoretical and lacks ‘soft-skills’ training
  • Job market complains about the quality of graduating engineers
  • Need more interaction between academia and industry
  • Dropout rates and enrolment rates are terrible when comparing to BRICS and OECD countries

CNI, 2014, Recursos humanos para inovação: engenheiros e tecnólogos.

  • Few patents, expensive process
  • Engineering education is outdated
  • Barriers in collaboration between universities, research centers and the market
  • Low tradition in multi-disciplinary research
  • Research financing does not demand financial or concrete results
  • PhDs are all in academia 98.3% (40% in the US)
  • Academic stricto sensu limits interactions with real world
  • Teach more creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Great problem with evasion – only 50% finish degree
  • Historic deficit of engineers, only 1% of graduates are engineers
  • Current teachers have no market experience

ITA/MEI, 2014, Fortalecimento das Engenharias no Brasil

  • Low salaries for engineers comparing internationally
  • Ill prepared and not innovative
  • Fields of study are too narrow – should offer a broader curriculum
  • Collaborate with international institutions

Relatório EngenhariaData 2015

  • See above… much of the same information but in quantitative terms

Strengthening Engineering Education in Brazil

  • See above… much of the same information but in quantitative terms  – report based on CNI’s report.