Day 19 – Loreto to La Paz

Short riding day but quite uncomfortable because of the heat.
As expected the ferry ride to mainland Mexico was not as smooth as we
would want it to be.
We rushed from Loreto to La Paz to see if we could get the ferry to
Mazatlan today at 4pm but the ferry was not running.
We found another company that does that route but when we went to do
the import of the bikes, the offices to do that had closed at 1pm – so
our only option was to stay in La Paz tonight and go tomorrow.
The catch is that the company we're doing it tomorrow has a cargo ship
meaning there are no sleeping quarters, just chairs and it takes 16 to
18 hours to cross. It will leave tomorrow at 4pm and get to Mazatlan
around 6am.
To compensate all that we found a GREAT hotel here in La Paz – by far
the best hotel so far and the cheapest!