Day 23 – La Ticla to Zihuatanejo

First of all – I am LOVING all the comments 🙂
We were without internet for the past day or two so am doing a bunch
of updates today – new videos and some new photos.
We had some rain this morning but it wasn't bad at all – just meant
that it was quite a bit warmer because of the waterproof layers you
have to add on. At one point I just took them off since I was probably
better off getting rained on than totally wet from sweat… yeah…
kind of gross but that's how it is 🙂
Today's riding was quite tense because of the rain and a lot of
traffic – cars, animals, people… not to mention a little bit of mud
that sent Marc shooting off the road! Absolutely no damage to the bike
or him. Fortunately it was a construction site so there was a crane
that pulled his bike out of the mud with great ease.
On the way Ari wanted to stop to eat but Marc and I kept on going
since we wanted to make it to Acapulco. Turned out that it was too far
for one day on these roads so we stopped in Zihuataneho. We first took
a peak at the hotel Marc stayed in the last time he was here but it
was way too expensive. We then found a marvelous hotel at a more
reasonable price. By far the best hotel so far and I think one of the
best hotel rooms I have ever seen! Check out the video for some
footage of it.
For lunch we stopped at a beach where I had some pretty good octopus
with garlic – officially my favorite dish now 🙂
The waves along this coast are also unbelievable – they are HUGE! And
the lady at the restaurant was saying that they were just about
average today! Amazing!
So now off to get some dinner!

2 thoughts on “Day 23 – La Ticla to Zihuatanejo

  1. Anonymous

    the hotel is really wonderful.
    as you’ve said, the hotel room spacious, lovely decor, and confortable for both of you.
    so now you are enjoying some kind of fish…well, to our blood tipe pctopus is not the best thing but i agree with you: it is delicous!
    And when one travels nothing faz mal!!!
    ual, what a ride…so now i am in Puerto Vallarta with you…
    I had beem there on my way to Costa Careyes and the Ocean scared me also!
    kisses, love. mamy

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