Day 34 – Panjachel to Antigua

Short day of riding but none less beautiful. We hung around the hotel this morning to upload videos and do some internet related things we needed to do and then hit the road.
Played a lot with different camera angles today – I think it came out nice but ultimately the helmet mount is the best since I can control where it’s pointing and have the mic close to my mouth.
We arrived in Antigua and came to a hotel the guide book suggested – truly cute place – only 4 rooms – we were lucky and there was a last minute cancellation. Tomorrow night I will post a video of the room and the hotel – pristine. It’s called Posada del Angel – our room is right in front of the pool!

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  1. its a beutiful town.
    I am glad everything runned smoothly.
    And today the whole world glued to the news, expexting Obama’s victory, we hope!!!!!
    I think the most exciting campaign ever!
    Again the globe wanting his victoty.
    Kisses,love you

  2. OBAMA WON! amazing celebrations here in NY. better than new years, better than halloween… the last time i experienced anything this powerful was 911, but this time it was happiness, joy and fun. btw, there is a road to the top of the more western volcano. look on google maps. looks like the path starts in Santa Maria de Jesus and goes all the way to the top. but if marks clutch is slipping, don’t attempt it. you should schedule a service for the next major city before it goes completely.

  3. Adorei os novos angulos de camera!
    Ví todos os videos até agora, sem exceção!! São a minha novela das oito…
    Grande abraço,

  4. Hello Lucas and Marc,
    What a video, front/back/side/up and down angles! Very thrilling… I particularly liked the invitation you offered for the old man with his tree branches to ride with you Marc and Lucas excitement to seeing Veronica! Beautiful scenery and fun comments. Hugs, Aviva

  5. I am fascinated by your trip. I have been following it almost everyday. I do hope you have a fantastic continuation of the trip.

    By the way Lucas, a few days ago I passed by the Sphere house and remembered you. It is still there hidden by enormous buildings.

    Boa viagem


  6. Thanks for the various angles. I think the helmet mount is the best, but it was good to have some variety. I also liked the backwards view when the dust was flying. It was also good when the camera was with Marc and we could see you riding.
    BTW – very pretty area. Again, I liked the video and photos. You do a good job.

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