Day 46 1/2 – Panama City

Kind of a wasted day today… in terms of the trip’s progress…
Woke up really early and did laundry at the hotel near the airport we stayed in last night and then we hung around the hotel until check out time since it was raining.
We came into Panama City under mild rain and went to a Radisson Hotel since the guide book said it was the “party” hotel of Panama but they had no rooms. They helped us find another hotel – quite hard since all the hotels were fully booked or outrageously expensive. They finally found a hotel that was so cheap we got suspicious about it.
As we were taking off to check it out the rain started coming down hard again so we decided to check out the shopping mall in front of the hotel and eat a little…
We checked back into the Radisson just in case they had a cancellation and we were told that usually they keep 5 rooms open for emergencies and that the manager was playing by the book and not letting us take one of them… BUT if we waited until around 6pm they would most likely have a cancellation and therefore a room for us.
I went back into the mall to play some video games… hehehe…
I came back and we had a room 🙂
Very nice hotel…
No videos or photos today…
Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to ship the bikes… we’re going to Bogota regardless of when the bikes go… we can leave the bikes at the cargo company no problem. So at least we’ll get out of all this rain and be in Bogota which I hear is quite interesting… Any tips?

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  1. You probably know about the security issues in Colombia but just in case, check this site:
    Apart from what you read there, I hear Colombia is beautiful and the people are great -that I know for a fact.
    I don’t mean to scare you but if I were doing this trip for real and not through my computer (I wish), Colombia is the country i’d be most careful, I think.


  2. Hi guys,
    So u r taking a rest period. I do not want to sound like an aunt, I am one.Be careful in Colombia.
    Open your 4 eyes.
    Travel safe. Love, Norita

  3. Ai ai ai ai… Columbia has such a bad reputation… we were in Mexico we were told to be careful in Guatemala, in Guatemala we were told to be careful in El Salvador, then Honduras, then Nicaragua… and so on.
    Brazil is no different…
    It’s just a matter of being smart, take the usual precautions and not drive at night…

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