Day 46 – Panama City

Just chillin' today… still at the airport hotel uploading videos and
replying to emails…
Going to get another hotel soon and go see the Panama Canal… a
little bit of rest.
Tomorrow (Monday) we'll start the attempts to go to Colombia again…

3 thoughts on “Day 46 – Panama City

  1. elena

    bummer, lu!! mas vai ser bom ficar aí pra dar um respiro entre central and south america…
    I have to confess that I thought that to cross to colombia it’d be through the canal!!! feeling very ignorant right now… but that’s how we learn!
    today we had a very good churrasquito tranquilito no nosso deck com mami, papi e vi. eva continua em casa, mas depois de 8/9 dias de febrao de 39.5/40º, ela hj nao teve febre!! eba! e nosso setup aqui ta mto bom. to louca pra vc ver tb! vai curtir. acho q vc vai querer eh morar aqui na churrasqueira, heheheh!! :))
    and when’s the arrival in sp planned for?
    beijao, take care!

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