Day 53 – Popayan, Colombia to Ibarras, Ecuador

Another amazing day – congratulations Colombia!!
Morning was a little wet but then we started climbing up and up and up and around and around around!
The scenaries were breathtaking and as you thought you´d seen the most beautiful scenery ever, you see another one that surpasses them all. Incredible.
Then we hit the border… well… no border… no one stopped us so we just kept going… the customs guy just waived us through and no one asked for any documentation. We might run into some problems leaving Ecuador but we´ll just have to find out 🙂
We rode for another hour or so and then Marc suddenly stopped – he was in desperate need to use the men´s room… the place was colorful and lit up by neon signs… girls walking around… you do the math… I took a look around while Marc was doing his business… US$40 for the full monty… geees…
Further down the road we saw two or three more similar establishments.
We are now in a hotel that was recommended by a Colombian guide book we bought in Bogota – El Conquistador – no girls here – hehehe
The connection is dial-up – 36kbps – yes – the computer dial a phone number, you hear that fax machine noise and then you are connected… I think the last time I used a dial up was back in 1998! So no videos or photos tonight – I honestly don´t know when we´ll get a good connection now.
Tomorrow morning we´ll go by Quito – Marc´s start button is not working – I´m getting a good workout pushing his bike to jump start it 🙂 It stopped working today, worked for a couple more times and now it´s not working again.
After Quito we really don´t know where we´re going to sleep since it will all depend on how long it will take to fix the bike and what recommendations we get there. Hopefully I will have some connectivity at the dealer to at least upload the photos. The video usually takes about 4 hours to upload… and today´s video will be a little long I think just because the views were soooo great!

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4 Replies to “Day 53 – Popayan, Colombia to Ibarras, Ecuador”

  1. probably just a problem with the contacts in the starter switch. you can try to take it apart, they are solid state and not at all hard to service. try cleaning and check for wear on the contacts. sometimes the contacts simply just get bent out of shape from so much use. i am sure you could fix it on the side of the road if it is truly isolated to the switch alone… =)

  2. Just good news: the good impression of the parts visited in Colombia, the beauty of the scenery, the border ( I , you, everyone wonders why no one over there?), your work out pushing marc’s bike ….hope you can fix it following Marcos sugestions….and if not a good place in…(where?) to fix it.
    Kisses, Suzana

  3. LOL… just what you needed! (the 40$ full monty, after the boob remark!)

    Can’t believe Marc’s Beamer is so flimsy… many more probs than your KTM 🙁 Go GERMAN ENGINEERING 🙂

    outro grande! R

  4. Hope you fix what has to be fixed soon. Have you crossed the line of the Equator – ? Usually it’s a celebration. Beijos, Norita

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