Day 55 – Quito

Went to the dealer really early and got them to start working straight
away. The "automatico" of the starter – I'm guessing it translates to
the induction coils – got burnt.
Fortunately there was a shop close to the dealer that had one for us
to purchase.
But this entire process takes a LONG time for a while – it's 1:30pm.
We're having lunch and will go back shortly. The plan is to get to
Riobamba today – about 3 hours from here.

2 Replies to “Day 55 – Quito”

  1. Hi guys.All this is part of your adventure. It would have been boring otherwise.Take care, Norita

  2. Norita is right….
    And how lucky to find stores, shops, to fix the bikes.
    I am worried when in Brasil….
    Anyway, nothing will break anymore..whats it happenning is just adjustments!
    Be safe.

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