Day 60 – Huaraz to Lima

Wow – I can’t believe it’s day 60!
Wierd day today. Was still not 100% this morning. The altitude, cold, fog, and potholes on the road did not help. Down from the mountains we got more desert until Lima… Got pulled over by some cops who caught us speeding 🙁
Lima is not pretty – well at least from the little I’ve seen – not realy fair but so far Peru is my lest favorite country so far. So barren. Very poor. Not too pretty.
Hoping Nazca and Machu Pichu will be worth it and change my opinion of the country.

Ok – ok – not a fair review of Lima – what we saw were the outskirts of town. After settling down at the hotel Libertador we went to have dinner at Antica Pizzaria – a very nice Italian place where you choose the pasta and then a sauce out of several choices. The neighborhood was quite nice as well. 
In any case – tomorrow we should drive through the historic center of town to get a better glimpse of the nicer parts of Lima. 

And today’s video is almost not worth posting… the battery was low and I didn’t notice it throughout the day so I only got the first few seconds of each comment I’ve made… I decided to post just to get some of the scenery:

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  1. Lima é feia mesmo, muita pobreza … mas Cuzco (em especial) and Macchu Picchu devem mudar sua opinião sobre o Peru !!! Um bjo e boa semana Dre 🙂

  2. e mascam muita folha de coca por causa da altitude. maybe that didn’t contribute with you illness…
    careful wtih salmonella. could be it, with the raw egg you ate. but apparently it’s gone: que bom!!
    estamos esperando vcs, mas vem com calma. lots to see!!
    beijao, saudades! le

  3. ah! congratulation for the 60th day on the road…

    also, mark and ya had their second baby on the 29th: annamaria.

    and franco started crawling this week, and has two bottom teeth, cute as can be!! um moleque pilantra, já! gosta de uma farrinha, daí fica bem sério, observando tudo.

    eva continues a princess – each day the princess fever gets worse. she says she’s ‘princesa azul’ (cinderella), loves high heels (NO, she doesn’t have one and is terminantemente proibida de usar, ter ou de ganhar um!!!) but she looks at every woman’s shoes and points out the heels she sees… oh my. we’re in trouble!


  4. although the takes are too short they give a good glimpse at the scenes. one misses more the comments, actually. piriris curados?
    bjs P

  5. Oi Lucas,day 60 e achei que vc estava com cara de cansado no filminho…mas acho que aí em cima deve ser meio hard mesmo ! Enfim, nada como um dia após o outro. A estrada lembra as da terrinha aqui e os cops são iguais em qquer lugar…”F…” cops ! Well, nice trip and have fun !!! Se cuida !!!Big hug !!! Abbondio

  6. Apparently Lima is a fantastic place to eat.
    Lots of excelent restos to go.
    And, as you know, it doesnt rain in Lima so lots of open places (the bath in a friend’s of mine home had no roof…).
    The corn is excellent…. there is a tiny pig (poor animal ) that they cook in a special way and of coarse fish ..and ceviche, tipical from there.
    The Museum (forgot the name) is beautiful….
    Lovely homes….beautiful clubs, etc, etc.
    Hope you discover some of the of beauty of the city
    and feel better.
    Love you, Suzana

  7. Le – nao mascamos as folhas – foi cha que nos deram para curar o coco MOLE…. heheheh
    Mas acho que tomamos demais por que agora nao sai NADA!! hahahahaah
    Quero vero a Eva toda princesa… muito engracado… o Franco vai ter que levar ela fazer camping e outros programas de menino… hehehe
    Ma! Se voce conhecia Lima por que nao falou nada!!? Nao deu dicas!!?

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