Day 68 – Arica

I guess we were tired from yesterday – we slept till around 10am today!
Around 11:30 Carlos stopped by to pick us up and go to “Marcela” – his garage/beach house where we… well… his employees washed and waxed Marc’s bike! Mine was done after lunch so we had to do it ourselves… oh… such a drag! Hehehehe…

I also took Carlo’s brand new Yamaha MT-01 1700 out for a spin… yes – not helmet and flip flops – fun though 🙂 Not available in the US for some reason…

We also called up a mechanic who came to pick my rear tire up and fix the tube that we pinched when trying to put it back on – total amateur stuff. I got all the tips from him on how to do it now 🙂
We had lunch at the same place we had dinner last night – DiMango – we weren’t able to pay again!
We have to find some present to give to him… we asked how could we repay him – he simply said that whenever a biker needed help in the future, we would help that guy – pay it forward 🙂
We had a little bit of a scare though – he called up a friend who told him that it was impossible to go from Atacama into Argentina because there was an 800km stretch with no gas! My bike has a 250km safe range – 300km TOPs!
Turns out it IS possible – we checked the motorcycle forums ( – and got the information we need in terms of routes and distances between gas stations.
Turns out that I will need to take some gas with me – one extra gallon (4L) or two – probably will take 2 gallons just to be safe.
Tomorrow we have to go to court to explain why we went through the border without completing all of the procedures and probably pay a fine or hopefully just get a slap on the wrist. Let’s see.
Then we wait for the parts which are going to be purchased first thing tomorrow morning – we ordered a set of break pads for my bike and a new visor for Marc’s helmet. His visor got badly scratched the day my bike had the wiring problem – for the first time he left the helmet inside his side bag and with me riding it back and forth, the visor scratched against the inner metal walls of the case.
Soooo… we should be out of here on the 10th or in the best case though highly unlikely tomorrow afternoon.