Day 74 – Presidente Roque Saenz Pena to Posadas

Hum… straight roads… very green… very humid and hot… lots of Brazilian trucks on the road.
Presidente Roque Saenz Pena is a cute little town with a few restaurants and quite a few people cruising along the roads – nothing compared to Salta, which has a vibrant street which is shut off to cars and people just walk up and down two large blocks filled with bars (boliches) and restaurants.
Posadas also has a lot going on at night at the Avenida Constanera – an avenue that runs along the river where people drive up and down on their cars and motorcycles to see and to be seen. The bars and restaurants along the avenue are all packed with people and the avenue is lined up with parked cars with their back door open blasting music to the ears of the crowds around them.
It seems like everywhere you go, no matter what country you are in, how “remote” it is in your head, you always find people doing all of the same things… going out, socializing, mingling, and trying to have a good time…
Getting closer and closer to Brazil now… Foz de Iguacu tomorrow!