Day 75 – Posadas to Foz de Iguacu

BRASIL!! We have arrived!!
Easy day of riding, some more turns than yesterday thankfully and a little bit more mountainous terrain but not that much 🙂
We arrived in Puerto Iguacu and stopped for lunch and some tips as to where to stay – Brazilian or Argentinean side.
We got an irrefutable offer from Alejandro – a good rate a Hotel Suica and a free tour of the falls and Itaipu tomorrow!
The border crossing was one of the easiest and fastest ones we’ve done so far – we both got 40 days to stay in Brazil – I came in with my Italian passport thinking it would give me some advantage over coming in with my Brazilian one – effectively I would not have been allowed to come into the country with a used motor-vehicle!
We found the hotel after some running around, called our folks, and jumped into the pool… very nice 🙂
Now going out to check the town out and celebrate our arrival in Brazil!